Schweden 2009

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Speech for the Olympics

Comenius project „Breaking Barriers“ in Stockholm, Friday, 29 May, 2009


Dear friends,

we have had a couple of Comenius meetings during the last 3 years – every single one was wonderful – but this last meeting in your country is a highlight, something special as it is our last meeting in the breaking-barriers-project.


We had a long journey by coach from Lüneburg to Stockholm, but it was absolutely worth it.


We all enjoyed our European Olympic Games and – of course not unimportant – we can go back tomorrow and nobody was hurt or injured in these hard competitons!


Thank you, Anna, thank you to all your helpers, thank you Annerstaskolan for your hospitality and your perfect organizaton.


Let me try it in Swedish:

Ett stort tack till vär svenska vänner

För super organisation


Yesterday evening we watched and listened to your wonderful culture classes performing their show for us and singing an old ABBA song.


I remember , when I was younger we all listened to ABBA and there was this song:

Thank you for the music

The songs I’m singing

I’d like to say:

Thank you for this meeting

The games we’re playing



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